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Fresh Pears Nutritional Information

One medium pear, about 166 grams (about 2 per pound) contains the following:

Water 138.96 grams
Energy (calories) 96 kcal
Protein .63 grams
Fat .20 grams
Carbohydrate 25.66 grams
Fiber, total dietary 5.1 grams
Potassium 198 mg
Vitamin C 7 mg
Vitamin A 38 IU

*Note: The information above comes from the USDA database of nutritional values. These values represent a composite of all available research on the item (in this case, all varieties of pears) to arrive at a mean nutritional value. Information found on the Nutrition facts panel follows FDA guidelines. These panels include nutritional value from only one product; a more limited method designed to make specific label information to represent the specific product more accurately.